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Full building plumbing

Project Description

Designed to international Passive House energy efficiency standards, the Wellington is one of the most sustainable projects built in Eastern Canada. A PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) certified building is a structure that has been designed and constructed to meet the rigorous energy efficiency standards set by the Passive House Institute US.

These buildings are designed to achieve exceptional levels of energy efficiency, with a focus on minimizing energy consumption for heating and cooling while maintaining high levels of indoor air quality and comfort.

The building stands on the site of the former Jelly Bean Houses, historic landmarks demolished in 2017. The lead Architect, Steve Kopp from ACRE Architect was proud to be part of the effort to modernize Union Street.

Scope of Work

  • Supply and install all pipe and fittings for a complete drainage, waste, vent, domestic water, condensate systems
  • Supply and install all hangers and supports for pipe, fittings, equipment
  • Supply and install all pipe sleeves / core drills for penetrations
  • Supply and install all floor drains, valves, pumps, misc equipment for plumbing systems
  • Supply and install all plumbing fixtures and equipment
  • Supply and install triplex water heater / storage tank system for building domestic hot water
  • Complete all domestic water insulation / PVC jacket / pipe labels
  • Complete all pressure testing of new installations
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