Outstanding work is rooted in an exceptional team. We take immense pride in boasting a cadre of top-tier heating technicians who are committed to perpetual learning and adaptation. Here are some strategies we employ to maintain our team’s cutting-edge expertise:

  • We've instituted a tiered system that meticulously evaluates each individual's proficiency in various heating system skills, ensuring regular assessments and improvements.
  • We actively engage with our team members to understand their aspirations and facilitate avenues for their growth.
  • Our cross-training program encourages collaborations among diverse trades, immersing team members in a variety of assignments.
  • We motivate our team through a rewards system that acknowledges efficiency, masterful execution, impeccable repair quality, and stellar customer satisfaction.
  • Additionally, we maintain an open dialogue with other plumbing and heating company owners globally, embracing and integrating industry best practices.

Heating Skills

As mentioned we pay close attention to our team's capabilities to ensure they will adequately address your needs. Below are some of the skills and capabilities of our team:

  • Conduct combustion analysis and calibrate fuel/air ratios according to equipment specifications.
  • Comprehend the importance of combustion results and diagnose issues in appliances.
  • Install unit heaters and radiant heaters, including hanging, gassing, venting, and wiring.
  • Understand and troubleshoot the sequence of operations for unit heaters and radiant heaters.
  • Wire thermostats, zone valves, circulators, and appliances with basic controls.
  • Read and interpret electrical schematics and wiring diagrams.
  • Check electrical metrics including voltage, amperage, and polarity.
  • Test electrical components such as thermistors, resistors, diodes, relays, contactors, and motors.
  • Troubleshoot and repair residential hydronic heating systems, including air bleeding and leak isolation.
  • Install and replace components in hydronic heating systems, such as zone valves and circulation pumps.
  • Thread and groove steel pipes, and troubleshoot in-floor hydronic heating systems.
  • Lead projects by utilizing the provided details, customer information, site visits, and quotes.
  • Execute residential/commercial installations without plans, optimizing costs and managing labor.
  • Read blueprints, communicate issues, and propose solutions in commercial projects with plans.
  • Ensure quality installation ranging from functional but rough, to aesthetically pleasing and serviceable.
  • Finish projects with painting, labeling, shut-off signs, and pressure test tags, meeting PSIS requirements.
  • Utilize Service Titan for timekeeping, self-dispatch, invoicing, and quoting.
  • Size and install gas piping according to BTU, equipment specs, and code requirements.
  • Perform rapid gas appliance retrofits, including furnaces, boilers, and water heaters.
  • Comfortably work at heights, including roofs, elevated platforms, and ladders.

We pay close attention to evolving needs of the customer. If there is something missing from our capability toolkit please mention it to one of our team members.

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